How I can help

I provide bespoke technical solutions so that your company can become or remain compliant and continues to prosper.

My aim is to find creative solutions to fit around you, your products and your craft.

I work closely with production and operation teams to understand their needs, creating solutions that best fit around them.

I work directly with clients and also cooperate and collaborate with other consultants and business contacts to provide the best solution for you.

What I do

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and food safety management system.

Quality control documentation

Label creation and review of artwork - FIR compliance

Productivity study and analysis

Gap analysis of systems vs. standards

Allergen management – risk analysis and creation of action plans.

Technical mentoring and coaching

Organisation skills

Time management

Decision making and building business cases

How I work for you

Specific projects and one-off collaboration

Regular support - long or short projects

Retainer contracts

Hourly rates for specification and label creation or review

SMEs and Start-Ups

The affordable technical solution

You have technical needs.

You need to work within a budget.

You have to meet deadlines.

We build a plan to supports workers, managers, improves profitability and drives customer growth.

Buy now what you can afford and add to it as your business grows.



Partners in your success

We can work together to create a solution that suits you.